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#100 Highland Claymore
The claymore is one of the most recognizable swords in history. A uniquely Scottish hand-and-a-half style first appearing at the beginning of the sixteenth Century, it is almost certainly a development of the Scots-Irish single hand style of sword. Shorter and lighter, in general, than the continental two-hander, the average Claymore ran about 55 inches in overall length, with a 13 inch grip and a 42 inch blade. Fairly uniform in style, the sword was set with a wheel pommel often capped by a crescent-shaped nut and a guard with straight, down-sloping arms ending in quatrefoils and langets running down the center of the blade from the guard.

Every able-bodied man in the Highlands carried arms, as can be attested to by John Hume in the passage below written on his experience as a prisoner after the battle of Falkirk (1746). "Thy [the Highlanders] always appeared like warriors; as if their arms [weapons] had been limbs and members of their bodies they were never seen without them; they travelled, they attended fairs and markets, nay they went to church with their broadswords and dirks."

We have chosen to replicate this sword from a private collection as it exemplifies the classic features of the Claymore so well.

Original: Circa Mid-16th Century, Private Collection

Blade length: 40.1" x 2.1"; Overall length: 56"; Weight: 5.4 pounds Overall Length: 56"; Blade Length: 40.1"; Blade Width: 2.1"; Quillon Width: "; Grip Length: "; Balance Point: "; Weight: 5.4 lbs

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#180 Hilt Bluing
A professional heat bluing is applied to create a deep rich, almost black finish on your sword hilt and pommel. [ View Example ]

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#026 Large Sword Scabbard
A heavy leather scabbard with a single seam up the back side available in black or brown. [ View Details ]

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