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#135 Saxon Military Sword
Northern European soldiers through much of the 16th Century used a functional military sword of this style. This example with a blackened hilt enhanced by bronze crowns and vertical bars is a bit classier than average. The hilt arm and back sweep added to the cross guard, one of the earliest developments of the rapier hilt, protect the first finger when placed over the guard. This style grip was used to increase point control for the thrust when fighting.

Original: Circa 1560, Saxon. Dresden Rüstkammer (M47-1947)

Overall Length: 43"; Blade Length: 37"; Blade Width: 1.2"; Quillon Width: "; Grip Length: 3"; Balance Point: "; Weight: 3.3 lbs

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#116 Sword Scabbard
A heavy leather scabbard with a single seam up the back side available in black or brown. [ View Details ]

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