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#222 Jian
The Jian or Chinese straight double-edged sword is known as "The Gentleman of Weapons" in the martial traditions of China. It is grouped with the Dao (saber), Qiang (spear) and Gun (staff) as one of the four main weapons.

While we usually focus on the weapons and armor of the western traditions this replica is something a bit special for us. Several years ago we where lucky enough to meet Sifu Ray Hayward of the Twin Cities T'ai-Chi Ch'uan Studio, St Paul MN. As we grew to know each other better Sifu Hayward expressed a need for a better training sword and practice weapon for his students. He asked us to develop this piece for his school's use.

This replica is based on a circa 1880 antique sword named the "Blue Copper Sword", which is Sifu Hayward's personal sword. We have worked hard to develop a piece that gives the practitioner the feeling of the original sword with a well-tempered blade excellent for both rebated training and, if sharpened, for solo forms and cutting practice.

This T'ai-Chi sword brings a fully functional historically accurate sword to the practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts with the quality of our best talents and experience. The replica we produce can be made with steel or bronze hilt components and has a hardwood grip. Please indicate if you would like the blade sharp or rebated when ordering.

Grip color will vary by wood and stain. We are offering two shorter versions of this sword as basic options for those looking for the best match to their needs. If you need a particular blade length please check with us to see if we can meet your particular specification.

#222 Blade length: 31.5"; Overall length: 39.5"; Point of Balance: 2.5";
Grip length: 5.625"; Weight: 2.3 pounds

#228 Blade length: 30"; Overall length: 37.75";
Grip length: 5.625"; Weight:

#229 Blade length: 28"; Overall length: 35.25";
Grip length: 4.75"; Weight:

$630 + $44 shipping and handling

#180 Hilt Bluing
A professional heat bluing is applied to create a deep rich, almost black finish on your sword hilt and pommel. [ View Example ]

$85 additional

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