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#236 Anglo-Saxon Sword
This reproduction is based on an Anglo-Saxon sword from about the year 1000. This sword was found in riverbed of the Thames in two parts near Putney, south west of London. It is often referred to as the Wandsworth sword. The upper and lower guards are curved in shape and the pommel is of the three lobed variety made of two pieces. We have chosen to do the pommel in the same way with an upper half formed of three lobes and the lower half a curved shaped the mirrors the guard.

This sword is dated to a time of struggle in the history of England. The clash of the Kingdom of Wessex and the Danelaw was ongoing throughout the period. The raiding of the coast by the Danish starting at the end of the 10th Century added to the troubles. There was quite a bit of conflict and a good sword would have been in high demand.

The original has a blade inlaid with INGELRII on one face and two groups of three bars on the opposite. There are many swords with such inscriptions in the blade from this period. They where made in many locals and almost certainly had significant meaning to those who produced and owned these weapons.

The modern person often finds the hilts of these swords to be unique in handling. There is a great discussion here about how these swords where wielded. This Type X blade makes for a sword that feels quite light in the hand. It would be excellent for the style of combat of its day. Here are two interesting sources for what the combat of this type may well have looked like Hurstwic Sword and Shield Combat and Dimicator on Facebook.

Original: dated 960 AD - 1035 AD, Anglo-Saxon
Find place: Thames at Wandsworth, Museum of London A2373.

Overall length: 34.5"; Blade length: 29.2"; Blade width: 2.2"; Balance point: 5.8"; Weight: 2.1 lbs

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Production note: We had plans many years ago to do this sword. Our good friend and co-worker Richard Gatten had prototyped the parts and we were set to start, but as so many times happens in life, it did not come to fruition. When we came across the prototypes he created it reminded us why we liked this sword, so finally here it is! Richard passed on several years ago but we hope he would be proud of this piece.

Update 2/1/16: We thank everyone that appreciated the sword we made in the first version. We had many requests for this sword done more faithfully to the original so we have reworked the hilt and increased the blade size to better represent the original Wandsworth sword.

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