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#238 Grunwald Sword
This beautiful sword has the broad blade, downcurved guard and wheel pommel that were popular in the age of mail and birth of plate armor. An Oakeshott Type XIIIb blade has a narrow fuller that runs just over halfway down the blade. This single handed sword has an excellent heft for cutting blows with a balance point approximately four and a quarter inches in front of the guard. The sword weighs just under two and a half pounds.

The asymmetrical wheel pommel and down swept flaring guard is one of the most enduring styles of hilt design, probably more popular today than in the day of its forging. The hilt components are steel with a leather covered wooden grip in brown or black, as you prefer. Examples appear early in the middle ages but continue to be made in different forms right through to the Renaissance. The flaring arms of this guard are particularly appealing and create a classic medieval sword to add to your armory.

Said to have its origins in Eastern Europe this knightly sword comes from the period of the Northern Crusades. This tumultuous time was fraught with ethnic and religious wars as the Christian rulers of Denmark, Sweden and the Germanic Military orders tried to expand into the southern and eastern Baltic regions.

Generations of warfare ensued and continued even past the last great battle of the era in 1410. The Battle of Grunwald, occurred on July 15th in 1410, just south of the modern town of Ostroda in Poland. This clash of the Teutonic Knights against an alliance of Poles, Lithuanians, and contingents of Tatar, Moldovan and Czech troops is one of the largest battles in Medieval Europe. We have chosen to title our reproduction after this famous struggle. While details of this engagement are slim each nationality involved has used it as a call to arms when they have felt threatened over the last six centuries.

Original: Possible dates 1350-1425, private collection.

Overall length: 36.9"; Blade Length: 30.4"; Blade Width: 1.75"; Quillon Width: 7.2"; Grip Length: 4.2"; Balance Point: 4.35"; Weight: 2.49 lbs

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