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#244 Malaspina Sword
The effigy of the Marquis of Fosdinovo Galeotto Malaspina inspires this sword of the mid 14th Century. His tomb is sculpted with a beautiful weapon in his hands and we are interpreting the piece as a type XVI blade, done with a slightly shorter fuller than average. The pommel is a great example of a scalloped hexagonal wheel shape and one that is relatively uncommon. It is inset with a symmetrical cross shape on both faces and these are painted red. The guard is a stout, square sectioned, cross slightly canted forward.

We have chosen to craft the blade with a fuller, as seen in many of the unsheathed swords of this type that are depicted in art of the period. For the grip detail we have referenced a similar sword depicted on another tomb from 1410.

The mid to late 14th century saw a great deal of combat in the northern part of Italy and swords of this form where carried by many knights.

Original: Possible dates 1367, Tomb of Galeotto Malaspina, Fosdinovo, Tuscany, Italy.

Overall length: 34.5"; Blade Length: 28.12"; Blade Width: 1.875"; Quillon Width: 7.1"; Grip Length: 3.88"; Balance Point: 3.1"; Weight: 2.77 lbs / 1258 gr

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#116 Sword Scabbard
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