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#245 Hungarian Sword
A handsome example of a sword from the first half of the 13th Century, a type detailed by Markos Aleksic in his book Mediaeval Swords from Southeastern Europe. The hilt has a long straight guard of rectangular cross section and a pommel that is a high waisted brazil nut in shape, a variant of the type N pommel. The blade is a long fullered type XIII. Evidence indicates this style of weapon was from Southern Germany and may have been connected to the Teutonic Knights that were active in the region.

The area of Hungary has been a true cross roads of history with layers of settlers, traders, invaders and refugees populating and passing through since recorded history began. In the early medieval period this was no less the case as ethnic groups of most of central Europe where represented in the population of the kingdom as they fought and died against the Mongol invasion of 1241. This sword would have been part of this incredibly dynamic and conflicted period.

These long single-handed swords work well from horseback as well as being effective when fighting on foot. The steel hilt is fitted with a hardwood grip covered in leather.

Original: Possible dates 1200-1275, sword in the collection of Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, Hungary.

Overall length: 43.3"; Blade Length: 36.6"; Blade Width: 1.8"; Quillon Width: 10.9"; Grip Length: 4.75"; Balance Point: 3.1"; Weight: 2.77 lbs / 1258 gr

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#116 Sword Scabbard
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Custom Sword Scabbards
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