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#246 Calliano Sword
The tightly re-curving type S guard and square pommel were common in the Adriatic region. Many of these swords are large for single-handed use, but move well in the hand and can be used in two hands comfortably. This iconic regional form of sword is often referred to as a Venetian style.

Throughout the 15th century the area of Southeastern Europe saw great changes and new challenges as the powers from the east grew in influence and aggressiveness. Dalmatian mercenaries saw service through out the region and even composed the bodyguard of the Doge of Venice. This style of sword is sometimes associated with these troops. It is well represented in the armory of the Doge and spoils of war captured by the Ottoman Turks now in Istanbul. That is where the example we based this sword on now resides.

These long single-handed swords work well from horseback as well as being effective when fighting on foot. The steel hilt is fitted with a hardwood grip, bound with a spiral riser and covered in leather. The acutely curled guard and unique pommel are blued and the whole hilt is quite striking. This elegant blade with a hexagonal cross-section and clipped point are distinguishing features of this form of sword described in Italian as a spada schiavonescha.

We have named this sword after the Battle of Calliano in 1487 where such a sword as this may well have seen the field of battle.

Original: dates from the mid 15th century, sword in the collection of Askeri Museum, Istanbul

Overall length: 44.63"; Blade Length: 36.18"; Blade Width: 1.62"; Quillon Width: 6.68"; Grip Length: 5.4"; Balance Point: 5.65"; Weight: 3.16 lbs / 1436 gr

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