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#204 Fechterspiel Sword—Training Grade
This is an excellent option for those who are purchasing weapons for a training group or school or need an economical practice weapon. It is the same materials and structure as our #187 Fechterspiel Sword but the finish on the blade is not taken to as high a polish and the hilt parts are finished with a smoothed cast surface

Original: Date 1450-1550, German, as illustrated by several artists and a few examples that survive today such as in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Overall Length: 48.5"; Blade Length: 37.75"; Ricasso Width: 1.6"; Blade Width: 1.05"; Quillon Width: 8.9"; Grip Length: 8"; Balance Point: 2.25"; Weight: 3.3 lbs

$490 + $51 shipping and handling

"The Arms & Armor Fechterspiel is the one of the finest medieval longsword blunts on the market. Our pair of them have been through dozens of classes and are my constant companions when I'm on the road teaching seminars. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

— Christian H. Tobler, Selohaar Fechtschule 

"I have used an A&A fechterspiel for years, and while flexible and lively to handle, it has stood up to vigorous daily use. An outstanding tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike."

— Guy Windsor, founder of The School of European Swordsmanship 

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