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#234 Spadone Trainer
The two handed sword has held an important place in the history of the sword. Often described as the weapon of the fight master or for the elite soldier, its dominance in certain situations was recognized by several fight treatises of the 16th and 17th Centuries. Called the Spadone in Italy and illustrated in such manuals as Marozzo, this sword was considered an important part of the swordsman's skills.

The use of the two handed sword is described in these manuals as a weapon that could be used in the street to quell unrest, in battle and on the field of honor in a duel. This type of sword is also described as being quite good against multiple opponents. The dimensions of this sword are large but it is quite maneuverable, which allows one to perform the historic fighting systems correctly.

In creating this sword we looked at a group of originals and worked with martial artists researching the use of this style of sword in period context. This has illuminated how important it is to have the right weapon for a system. A martial artist can enhance the study of swords by contributing their knowledge of how the sword is used as interpreted from the period manuals to the design.

Original: Specifications based on a sample of several pieces in private collection and museums in Italy, Date first half of the 17th C.

Overall length: 65"; Blade length: 47"; Blade Width at Ricasso: 1.5"; Ricasso Length: 7.75"; Weight: 5.1 pounds; Balance Point: 3.5"; Grip Length: 16"; Guard Width: 16"

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"After seeing the Arms and Armor Montante trainer, I commissioned a similar pair of Spadone trainers to use when training in Marozzo's Spada da Due Mane. I knew that they would be adequate for the task, but I was blown away by the finished product. These weapons handle very well and are perfect for practicing the Spadone actions described in the 16th and 17th century Italian Treatises."

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