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The medieval and renaissance swordsman had a dynamic and rich legacy of tradition and practical experience on which to draw in their training. They developed many different types of practice weapons, sometimes referred to as "wasters", to withstand the rigors of daily practice. Interest today in the western martial arts has reached a state where the practical need for these weapons has arisen again. We have dedicated ourselves to producing a group of items that meets the needs of today’s student of the sword with a look to the practical knowledge that imbued the historical weapons used in the salles of old where the masters refined their deadly art of combat.

These items are constructed along the parameters of period training weapons and tested by western martial artists to refine their properties in replicating the feel and handling of original swords used in combat. We produce these weapons in two grades. The first is finished with a soft smooth finish on all parts much like our regular items. The second is done in a clean cast finish on the parts and a duller finish to the blades for those who are making group purchases or on a budget, but still unwilling to sacrifice the durability and quality of their training weapon.